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About VidhiKarya
Vidhi: (विधि) Sanskrit term which means LAW
Karya: (कार्य) Sanskrit term which means WORK
Vidhikarya is an endeavour to help individuals and organizations to get their legal work done in a cost effective and swift manner. We all understand that legal work or any legal matter is a bit complex and tedious and we all would like to focus on other aspects of our life and business rather than on the legal matters. At the same time legal matters are of utmost importance that cannot be left unattended.So, here through Vidhikarya, we are going to offer a platform to all to get their legal work done smoothly. Read more...
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  • Vidhikarya is a unique concept. It will bring the revolution of bridging the gap between the Law and the Layman. It will empower the affected and provide ease to the lawyer and thus will create a WIN WIN situation.

    Praveen Kulkarni, Director, Destine Institute.
  • Vidhikarya is an innovative thought to connect the Lawyers' pool to the common people who need Legal Services. This has the potential to change the world of Legal Services positively. I wish all the best to Vidhikarya team.

    Rajiv Prakash, AVP, SBI, Hong Kong.
  • A much needed new initiative and novel idea by Team “Vidhikarya”, in offering the Legal Help or Legal Services, required by the General Public, Working Professionals, Institutions, and Business Entities, in a simple and seamless manner that saves both cost and time for its clients. I am sure that the team members with all their expertise, dedication, and proactive thinking will make the otherwise very complex and expensive Legal services process, affordable and hassle-free, ensuring client delight. Wishing the team “Vidhikarya” all the success in their new endeavour…

    Chiranjeevi Eslavath, CM, SBI, Bangalore.
  • Dynamic Computronics Private Limited (DCPL) has engaged Vidhikarya for a variety of legal services since last year. We have developed a close working relationship and they understand our needs and working processes. Vidhikarya is a team of highly competent professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that even the minutest of our requests are met in a timely manner and work completed to our complete satisfaction. I found the team accessible and people who comprehend our needs, and strives to ensure a high level of quality is maintained.

    Debasish Sinha, Founding Director & COO, Dynamic Computronics Pvt Ltd.