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posted 6 months ago

I am from Mumbai & my aadhar card shows Mumbai address. My property (flats in apartment) is located at Mumbai & Gujarat Both places.

Can I register my will at BHARUCH all all property across India.?

What will be cost of registration complete process.?

Do I need to approach sub-registrar office or somware else.?

Will shall be in plan A4 paper or otherwise? legal green paper or stamp paper?

Notary need to be done to will papers?

I wish to give everything to my son who took care of my spouse & takes care of me but I have 2 doughters married & settled and I don't want then to claim in future to my son.

Reasonable service expected


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A. Your questions need personal discussions to bring more clarity.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 33 Year(s)

Responded 6 months ago

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A. For registration of the will you need to have your KYC details and you may register your will at the places you have the address proof.
The cost of registration is very normal and changes from state to state and receipt is provided by the registration office and you need to pay the fee of the advocate as well.
Get the will notarized and approach to sub registrar.

Vimlesh Mishra

Experience: 26 Year(s)

Responded 6 months ago

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Replied 6 months ago

Sir Thanks a lot for your reply.

Does this mean if my aadhar shows my Mumbai address I can not register my will at Gujarat BHARUCH.?


A. You can prepare & register in mumbai from an expert Property Lawyer well versed in preparing will and registering quickly.

Ambrose Leo

Experience: 9 Year(s)

Responded 6 months ago

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