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Q. Property

We have shop in name of our late Father which was rented in 2015 by him for period of 3 years as mentioned in the agreement which has got over now.
After the death of our father, elder brother started taking rent from the tenant for last two years and in between this periods he gave the rent to Mother for only 3 - 4 times.
We asked the Tenant to vacant the shop as agreement with him is over , but tenant is not vacating the shop and also he has support from the elder brother.

I want to know what step should we take to vacant the shop?

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A. since your elder brother is already collecting rent from the tenant, it will be difficult to evict the tenant as he is protected under the tenancy act. Ask your brother to stop collecting rent from the tenant. Thereafter give a termination notice on the ground of reasonable requirement.


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Responded 4 months ago

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Reshma Kadam

Experience: 1 Year(s)

Replied 4 months ago

Thank you sir


A. Dear client you can issue legal notice through lawyer. If he deny to vacant then file suit against him for possession.kindly contact with lawyer for detail process.

Deepak Bade

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Responded 4 months ago

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A. Madam kindly send the photo copies of agreement and the receipt of payments of rent. After seeing them I will give u proper advice.


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Responded 4 months ago

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