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Q.Appointment of local guardian.

Q. Appointment of local guardian.

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posted 8 months ago

My sister and brother-in- law, both, have European passport. Their son was born and is residing with me in India since birth. He is still minor. His passport was applied in India but application was not entertained as parents were not allowed to sign the application being foreign passport holders. Later on, I sign the application being custodian of the child. But this time also application was not entertained for want of proof of guardianship.
Kindly advise.

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A. Dear client pl, seek local guardian of the child from their parents and submit o passport office. For details, pl. contact some family advocate through

Rajender Prasad

Experience: 5 Year(s)

Responded 1 month ago

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A. Sir,
First you establish your legal right on the child through the court of law, then only you can take step to passport matters.

Johnson Thangiah

Experience: 18 Year(s)

Responded 8 months ago

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A. Dear Sir/mam,
You need to apply for a decree from court for getting the guardianship on the minor child. Once, the court has decreed in your favor, then you reapply with a copy of that decree, your application will not get rejected because of technical reasons.

Vedant Lakhotia

Experience: 3 Year(s)

Responded 8 months ago

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A. U apply to district judge court to get guardian ship certificate for minor child under guardian ship act.After getting certificate from dist.judge,u apply for passport for minor child.

Ved prakash Shaw

Experience: 38 Year(s)

Responded 8 months ago

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