Thailand Scammers Sucking Indian Importer's. (Double A Paper Scam)

Posted On : March 4, 2019
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Global Scammers, if you are related to international trade this article will be immensely benefited to you. The business of import export has it's own glory of several years and in today's era every one wants to GO GLOBAL cross the geographical boundaries and penetrate in new market.

But BE WARE there are some scammers active in global market and creates big troubles for you, so in this article I will discuss Double A paper scam of Thailand. Let's Start.

The group of scammer active on whats'app they pretend that they are mass suppliers and can export A4 size copier paper (paper used in photocopy, office stationery etc.)

Double A is a famous brand of paper in Thailand, the scammers pretend that they are sales manager and can arrange bulk quantity of papers in a very cheap price one rim approx 0.70 USD which is not possible as they don't have material so offers very low price.

They always offer C.I.F terms and demands advance 100% first and if you will say;"how can make advance 100% first time"? then they will offer following slabs:

Payment Terms:

30% T/T to recover all operational cost like packing, labeling, loading, Phytosanitry test,rental of trucks for local transportation and transportation to loading port.

30% against Bill of lading and all shipping documents.

40% against arrival of goods and confirmation of quality.

in reality they don't have any material or warehouse etc. They will take advance and disappear SO be alert from them.

where as genuine supplier works only through proper channel they don't work on whatsapp. the scammer will never ready for LC (Letter of Credit payment terms.

they will provide you all fake documents like proforma invoice, Bill of lading, Fake passport, Fake registration no. etc.

For more info please mail me:

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Adv. Abhishek Srivastava.

DISCLAIMER: The above article is intended to unveil the group of global scammers they are active on whatsapp and creating big troubles to Indian Importer's.please refer the following link.

Written By:
Abhishek  Srivastava

Abhishek Srivastava


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