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I have married a woman in 2021 December but after marriage my wife used to getting much more involved with her parental home the marriage has been done by my family I leaving with my mother and my father was already expired in 2018 before marriage I was having a love relationship with a girl but my mother didn't accept my love relationship unfortunately my father passed away with a heart disease and after that my mother and my relatives eventually pressuring me to reject my relationship but I have tried hard and soul to make my love relationship into my future relationship but inbetween my father death and my marriage year within this two years my mother and my relatives has pressuring me to leave the relationship and even they have already forced my love to leave this relationship but after so much chaotic situation relationship has been stopped during this chaotic situation it has been broken then after that my family arrange that marriage my family anyhow made that arrangement I was not prepared for that marriage the day after relationship broken my family put me on pressurized situation whether you married the woman which was decided by my family or to else your mother is going to commit suicide but after that situation I have eventually decided to marry that arrange marriage after marriage date or from the very first date of my marriage I think this arrange marriage was my future so I respectfully married the woman and decided to leave a happy married life. After the marriage whom I have married I have told her on the marriage date I am going to do this marriage if you have to look after my mother because she was an arthritis patient she has told me that I am going take each and every care of my mother but after marriage we Hindu marriage has some traditional rituals to take my wife to her parental house. So as per rituals I have respectfully leave my married wife to her parental house as per ritual for one month after one month over I have went in parental house to take my married wife to my own residence but her parents have given me some conditions that you have to leave your wife in her parental house for more than one month and also they have told me to you can take your wife after I am going to leave her fifteen days to her parental home and rest fifteen days to my own residence on that day I have forcefully took my wife to my own house than the problem has arrised I am a lower middle class family she knows and her family member knows after knowing they decided to marry their girl but after that I have taken loan taken credit to make her happy to feel that her husband is everything her husband is her future I have tried my mother has also tried even my mother was unfit but she was not willing to leave with me after two month when I was gone for my work she packed her luggage and went to her parental house without informing me and my mother has stopped her but she didn't stopped she left my house and went in her parental house. I called her to came back but she refused to came back this type of refusal depressed me a lot it was very much emotional for me but I have tried from that date of marriage till that date she left but she didnt realize that my love was truth but then after my mother called her guardian to come into my house with your family member they came and forcefully the pushed the girl to my house and they even not having any communication with my mother. Then they left my house speedily not even a single talk. Then my wife told my mother and to me this is not going to happen again and also told me to forgive me. I and my mother done that forgive her it was in the month of April from April I thought that she has realize that her husband house is her future and on that month her parent leave for Bangladesh for traveling purpose from April till June her parents was there in Bangladesh and within that time she was leaving with me and doing and acting one my love and on feeling that she also does some fake promises that she will never go to her parental house but I told her to just go for one or two days your parental house is on a shorter distance go and how was your parent are they well or not I have also given freedom but she was telling that no no I am not going to leave you alone I felt trustworthy relationship. But on the month of May I have took her on bike and I want her to get a surprise visit to her parental house when I have gone there or to her parental house I watched that their house was locked and no body was there and then I have asked where is your mother and father and your brother she than told me that they have gone to Bangladesh for a touring purpose she knows when her parent went to Bangladesh which was on the month of April but she didn't inform me so we came to my house as for the respect I have called them in Bangladesh they are interested to communicate with me they were interested to communicate with their daughter but married life was running smoothly which I was thinking and I didn't know when will her mother and father is going to came in India she always told me she doesn't know after the month of May 2022 Than June 2022 last week of the month she told me that she was having fever so I took her to local government hospital for free of treatment because I can't afford for a private doctors appointment after visiting doctor from hospital we came home doctor prescribed some medicine then after she was taking rest me and my mother usually working in my house for cooking and each and every thing so that she can relax also I am doing my outside work but after . On June last date 2022 her mother and father and her brother shockingly visit my house and entered my house me and my mother offered sweet but they ignored me and telling her daughter to get ready we are going to take you in our home I have told her mother that she was not feeling well after she gets recovery from fever I am going take her to your house it was my promise but I was shocked has already packed each and everything to get away from my house and I was also shocked that if she was not well how can she get ready so speedily. Whatever was there her own parental Jewellery and each and every ornaments she took from Almira and packed in her bag and me and my mother has stopped her please not to go I have also told her she is my wife why you are doing this you can forcefully took my wife from me but she pushed me even she opened her mangalsutra and threw that mangalsutra on the floor and pushed my mother and fled away from my house me and my mother was shocked we felt so embarrassed. As per her husband my wife and her mother and father never told her to leave with her husband I have also told her my wife if you cannot leave without your family than why you have married me she told me nothing then she my house on June last date. I have blocked her number because it was hurt me a lot that's why I was on a depression but after 15 days she phoned my mother to came and took me to your house my mother told her to came with your family than after you can enter several times you have done this but this is not going to happen any more whether you are going to leave with your husband or not than she informed local political parties they threatened me to take her from her parental house otherwise. The political goons is going to beat me. I have decided this was not that relationship which one is futuristic after 6 month means in the month of January 2023 she filed a 498section a when she left on June I was so much depressed I phone several time she refused to talk to me. Coincidently in the month of July I have called my ex girlfriend as because I am feeling alone and all this things make me depressed so I have called my ex-girlfriend to know how is she she told me she was fine but she didn't marry any body she was waiting for me this type of communication was started from July. From August 2023 till now she has motivated me I have told her that what has happened with me that I have married with a girl all the situation I have told her she told me never get upset this may happen in anybody life even I was attempt for suicide but she motivated me not to do suicide I am there I am going to wait for you. So she heard each and everything what was happen with me she also told me that this is not over your life is not over you can overcome from this situation. I know that I cannot marry her at this stage she told me she is going to wait till I get divorced from married woman. So we are waiting for when I am going to get released from this marry because I have realized that relationship which one is first that was my true relationship but I can't do anything for my familical situation. So on January 2023 they filed 498 a so I have already get a bailed from judicial district court and how can I get released from this matter? How long I have to wait for my true relationship which I want live my life with my first relationship because she can realize me we both can realize each other and we also having a good love faith and feeling from our soul. I want to get into my love as soon as possible and we want to leave our true relationship and take this relationship into future we want to leave together please help me??????????????????


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A.Dear Client,
As you said that it's been Six Months that your wife left your Home you can file a divorce petition in the court and ask for the divorce from your wife and also show all the evidences and facts that has been done to you. Court may also can give a six month duration to mend the relations with your wife so you have to act according to that.
Hope, it is helpful

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