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Posted 4 months ago

Hi, recently I canceled moving into a house I wanted to rent due to the owner’s rude behaviour and informed him within 13 days(on may 13 2023) of transferring the security deposit even though he officially handed over the keys after 8 days(8 may 2023) of transferring the security deposit(on April 30 2023)and NO rental agreement has been signed between us. Its been 6 days since then but he’s still not replying to messages of refunding the security and the supervisor who is the mediator between us as the owner stays abroad is asking for the house keys without telling anything about the security deposit refund status and postponing the matter, should I return the house keys, I have doubt on their intentions of returning the security deposit and think they are trying to just get the house keys back. Can I keep the keys with me until I get my refund back or should I return them, can they use this against me if went legal and also since I canceled renting the house within 13 days (on 13 may 2023) of transferring the security deposit and even though he gave me the keys after 8 days (on 8 may 2023) is not having an rental agreement between us an advantage or disadvantage to me in this scenario. Please advice on what to do Thank you

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Responded 4 months ago

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A.Dear Sir,
Thinking on behalf of landlord he was prevented from getting another tenant as such he may charge penalty of 5% to 10% on the advance amount paid by you and return back your advance amount. You may approach the Police.

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