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Q. Society issue

Im staying at Thane in a Building which is 18 years old

1) Having 4 floors, Wing A & Wing B

2) There are 16 flats & 8 shop in each wing.

3) Committe members of society wants to install new lift, bcoz they resides on 3rd & 4th floor,

But ground, first, second & some members of third floor does not require lift.

Earlier in march-2018 they held a emergency meeting to discuss lift issue but that time everybody was against this decision.

Then in sept-2018 there was Annual general Meeting held that time lift topic was not mentioned in agenda.

But inspite of that they mentioned lift topic and decided to have voting for lift issue on paper.

Now the thing is our society committee members are taking signatures from shopkeers / flat owners,

But to get majority they are convincing shop owners that they just have to signed and they will not require to pay any contribution towards lift.

Now my query is whether all the members of society including shopkeepers need to pay the contribution for lift.

If yes, could you please let me know at which Society Act it comes under.

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A. Already replied.


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Responded 4 weeks ago

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A. Dear Client,
Society of Registration 1860 ( some states have amended it) clearly tells that when you register a Society you have to have your bye laws, rules and regulations.
Unless and until one sees the Bye Laws it will not be proper to say anything either in favour or against.
Better to settle to amicably.
Shanti Ranjan Behera

Shanti Ranjan Behera

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Responded 4 weeks ago

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A. Dear Sir
You may raise the issue General Body meeting or Registrar

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

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Responded 4 weeks ago

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Replied 4 weeks ago


I would like to know, as per society law.

Do Shopkeepers has to contribute funds for lift / elevator.

On which section it comes under.