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Q.Threatening to pay money

Q. Threatening to pay money

Dear sir, Please help me for get out of this situation. In 19/12/2018 i taken online form filling work. Company name - prospexiv company which is in Latur Maharashtra. They give 1200 forms to submit within 12 days. Unfortunately I cannot submit that work. Within 24 hours one person called me and threatening me to pay 4600 rs otherwise he take legal action against He sent me legal notice to my mail id. Im attaching some mails and msg which he send me. I think this is fake company. I search in Google. I could not find company name. So please help me to get out of this situations. Please help me whether should I pay for this money or not.

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A. Dear Student,
Do not pay and do as what other Learned Advocates have already said..
Shanti Ranjan Behera

Shanti Ranjan Behera

Experience: 22 Year(s)

Responded 1 week ago

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A. Dont reply,if they phone demand & threten for payment, reply you will take up the issue with your lawyer & complain in police station.Never pay any amount.

Ambrose Leo

Experience: 9 Year(s)

Responded 2 weeks ago

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A. Sir, as per your query, A legal notice issued over a mail is very weak form of notice.

email does not constitute valid notice unless:

1.You can prove that the person actually got it and read it, typically because they have admitted to it or responded to your email,
2.You have agreed with them in advance that emailing them qualifies as notice, or
3. There is a statute which says that email notice is okay.

There is no law that says, universally, that certified mail is adequate notice.

Having said that, there are two things you can opt to do.

1. Keep quiet & not respond to those emails. such emails are similar to those of lottery and winning bonanzaz that keep on coming to the user
2. However, this email though weak is still a form of a legal notice which is sent to you. You may or may not opt to reply to the same. Or else you can lodge a complain against the said legal notice sent to you via email & issue them a legal notice for the same.

You can also show the police the evidences which show the falseness of such company if required and prove that it is nothing but a sham company.

They will not be able to recover anything from you.
Hope this helped you
Shreyash Mohta.

Shreyash Mohta

Experience: 1 Year(s)

Responded 2 weeks ago

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A. Dear Sir
If you have courage you can lodge a complaint with the police and get issue a legal notice. They cannot recover anything from you.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 33 Year(s)

Responded 2 weeks ago

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A. Don't respond them . Because they are fake companies. Otherwise send legal notice through lawyer

Rameshwar Dadhe

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 2 weeks ago

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