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Q.will deed agricultural land properties

Q. will deed agricultural land properties

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posted 9 months ago

Dear lawyer,
My father(67years old death in 2017) legal heir has two,1 is (myself)female(48 years old),next 2.male (45Years old),1st person( i am) got agriculture land properties 3.27 acres from will deed before death 2 months from my father,2 nd person is petitioner start case in court,1st person will deed properties 3.27 acres is not eligible(invalid properties),due to got will deed property registration.what will get court law act in final to me?

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A. Dear Mam,
The piece of advice would depend on the following:
1. Is the property in question an inherited property or self purchased property?
2. How much share of property was given to 2nd legal heir?
3. Does the WILL specify about the distribution of property?
Kindly revert for an advice.

Vedant Lakhotia

Experience: 3 Year(s)

Responded 8 months ago

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A. Your query is not clear. If you acquired the 3.27 acres agriculture land and registered in your name, the will deed acquired & title deed in your favour before filing of the case is clear transfer & title to the land otherwise it will be become form of the dispute and decided by the court. It is better to consult a property lawyer to guide & help you to protect & defend your part of the share quickly.

Ambrose Leo

Experience: 9 Year(s)

Responded 9 months ago

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